My name is Phelokazi Mbude. The name of this blog was inspired by my one true fashion influence, my late mother Feziwe Mbude. Her name is from the  IsiXhosa language and loosely translates to ‘it has come true’.

My interests include fashion. I’m interested in what is fashionable and who is said to be fashionable. I’m interested in the business of fashion; how much it costs, who it’s being sold to, who makes it, who owns it. I’m interested in how fashion is priced, how much it makes and who spends that money. I’m interested in where fashion comes from and  how it is produced. Who wears fashion and how do they wear it? Who’s not supposed to wear it and who is supposed to?

This blog is my attempt to critically think and write about fashion while engaging with fashion lovers about issues concerning fashion. At times consciousness and fashion might seem unrelated but I’m sure some of you have come across terms like ‘ethical fashion’, ‘sustainable fashion etc. So this is my drop in the ocean.

I hope you enjoy this blog. Please feel free to comment, like and share 🙂